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About Grow@Jigsaw


Grow@Jigsaw social enterprise is a non profit making organisation, ‘for people not profit’.

“A growing space for individuals to develop skills and takes control of their lives through horticulture.”

Our greenhouses at Victoria Park,Bideford provide a supported training environment where people grow a variety of produce.

The produce is grown on our various sites, without the use of pesticides and is on sale to the public at low cost.

Our produce and services include


  • Vegetables and veg boxes
  • Plants and flowers
  • Gardening service
  • Contract work
  • Christmas wreaths (festive period only)

Drop in to Greenhouses at Victoria Park, Bideford, or call 01237 479762 for information.

Rolled stuffed pork with sage apple thyme stuffing

Serves 2 -3. What you will need: Pork Loin – ask butcher for enough for 2 -3 people. Cox Apples x 6 Swede x 1 Potatos x 5 average sized Parsnips x 2 Curly Kale x 1 Bread x 10 slices Pea shoots to decorate Dry Cider –1/2 Pint String Olive Oil Bunch of Sage Milk-1/4...

Green bean & lettuce salad and dressing

You will need: Runner Beans (optional) Broad Beans Curly Lettuce Red Pepper Red Onion Parsley Extra virgin olive oil Red wine vinegar Whole grain mustard Salt Pepper What you need to do: Chop lettuce into quarters, wash, dry and leave to one side. Top and tail the...

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