Who we are


We believe it is essential to build a caring, friendly and inclusive network of friends and volunteers, where people of all abilities and backgrounds are given a sense of worth and well-being. All volunteers have the necessary skills and the enthusiasm to maintain fresh, good quality produce to ‘branch’ out to the community.


We value our volunteers and believe that everyone deserves dignity and respect. We have confidence in our volunteers to contribute their skills and expertise to the greatest capacity that they can, in a relaxed environment; with the knowledge and confidence in a strong support network. We also offer a ‘buddy up’ system, where other volunteers can give extra support and assurance, including a social side.


We aim to inspire our volunteers and community in the production of produce and the variety of skills required to produce fresh  plants, fruit, vegetables, salad leaves, herbs, seasonal vegetables and potatoes. Given the variety of horticultural skills required, we know that all our volunteers and community have skills and ideas that they can contribute to ensure that our good quality produce is constantly striving for excellence.

Continuous Improvement

We aspire for a high standard of produce, horticulture and our volunteers.

By having dedicated volunteers of all abilities and backgrounds, we are confident that our produce will continue to improve and be available to the wider community. Our volunteers take great pride in their community and are happy to ensure that the best produce is available and freshly sourced.

We listen to our customers and want to ensure that they are confident and satisfied with our produce.